15 People Shared Transformations That Will Make You Feel Inspired

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All bodies are beautiful, but it’s a whole other story when we talk about confidence. People in this article decided to alter their looks and did pretty much everything to reach their goals. And we are here to applaud them and inspire everyone to find their true selves. This article will probably serve as the greatest kickstart for you.

1. “I remember asking my friend to take a photo knowing I would dislike it in the moment but also that I was going to look back at it in the future and see how far I’ve come.”

2. “Finally comfortable again. Was not an easy journey.”

3. “A progression of gym selfies. Roughly 5 years difference”

4. “IF and small workouts helped tone up and lose extra fat, looking to build muscle now, still learning about nutrition though.”

5. “Anorexia recovery... It took me 5 years to gain a healthy weight.”

6. He lost 165 pounds, she lost 100. Took them about 14 months.

7. “13-month difference, same shirt! I went from a size 10/12 pants down to a 0/2. Haven’t been at a healthy BMI since I graduated high school.”

8. “(9 months) Had gastric bypass and couldn’t be more grateful for how much better I feel and how my life has improved.”

9. “Over 45 pounds lost. Did my first cut and bulk cycle. Ready for another.”

10. “First time I’ve ever felt confident going to my work’s holiday party.”

11. “(8 months) I used intermittent fasting. The first pic is hard for me to post, to be honest.”

12. “First pic was taken on Thanksgiving last year.”

13. “(3 months) Still deciding end goal but guessing around 5 to 10 more pounds! Feeling like myself!”

14. The journey may take long, but the result will always pay off."

15. “Finally hit my goal weight after 10 months.”

What is the perfect body image for you? Do you have goals of gaining or losing some weight?

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