15 People Showed Us Another Side of Life That Not Everyone Has Seen

2 years ago

It might seem like we’ve already seen everything, and there’s nothing else that can surprise us. Yet, we probably haven’t given much thought to what’s beneath our feet or what butterfly eggs look like. There is so much stuff that simply goes unnoticed.

Bright Side comes for help and digs out 15 pictures that will make you look at things from a different angle.

1. 30 minutes of exposure to −4°F weather with no wind

2. These ants made a neighborhood.

3. These fossilized creatures look like they came from another planet!

4. My nephew found a sea shell with squid eggs inside.

5. We got a “Bee Hotel” made for “Solitary Bees” but this morning we found it overbooked by a swarm of honeybees.

6. The view from the bottom of the Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower

7. These leaves caught on a rock in a stream

8. Puddle in Chicago

9. This is $721 worth of pure platinum.

10. We caught a critically endangered sunflower sea star in our crab trap (Orcas Island, WA).

11. The impressions a frog made on my truck this morning.

12. An old neighborhood (demolished) near our airport is used for testing line painting equipment for the runways.

13. This mandarin that was 90% rind

14. The bricks along this highway are eroding faster than the mortar holding them together.

15. This is what happens when you leave your doors open during high tide in San Diego.

What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen? What was your reaction?


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