15 People Who Accidentally Found Something Unusual

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Our world is full of curiosities and things we have never encountered. For example, have you ever seen how bats sleep in real life or what the first prototypes of famous cars look like? There are lucky people who’ve gotten a chance to see unusual but interesting things with their own eyes, and they are also eager to share them with others.

Bright Side wants to show you the photos of those lucky people who shared the most interesting things they came across.

1. “Late to work due to an unscheduled parade.”

2. “There is a penguin under my car, and not going anywhere.”

3. “I saw a Prototype Car being tested.”

4. “I think my boiled egg has an egg in it!”

5. “These cups have chips under them to prevent refills.”

6. “This spider fixed my screen door.”

7. “Forgotten can of pumpkin puree developed some bacterial cultures after a couple of months...”

8. “This traffic light in Germany has a little girl and a camel as signal lights.”

9. “I thought this was a cool rock, turns out it’s soap.”

10. “This squirrel in my backyard looks like he’s trying to sell me something.”

11. “Full shadow from eyeglasses. I have never noticed.”

12. “Delivery box for my bicycle pretends to be a fish tank but has a little picture of the bicycle on it too.”

13. “A potato I found under my kitchen counter looks like some sort of alien forest.”

14. “The yolk escaped my hard-boiled egg and self-scrambled.”

15. “My wife’s bag of dried squid pieces had an entire, complete squid.”

What is the last unusual thing you found?

Preview photo credit c*****leranmorad / Reddit


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