15 People Who Are Basically Twins With Their Parents

3 years ago

It’s totally natural for children to look a little bit like their parents and so, with every newborn starts a debate about whether they look more like their mom or like their dad. But in some cases there is no discussion needed, as the kid turns out to be a total clone of one of the parents.

Bright Side has compiled a list of 15 photos showing people who created offspring with a phenomenal resemblance to themselves.

1. She recreated a photograph her mother took 29 years ago.

2. “My dad and I in 1st grade, then again in our 20s”

3. She definitely grew up to be just like her mother.

4. “Everyone says I look exactly like her when she was a teenager.”

5. A mom in the ’70s and her son a few years ago

6. “I recreated a photo of my mom! 1992 and 2020, respectively.”

7. Both the moms and the kids are clearly family.

8. Similarities don’t always have to involve the same gender.

9. “I recreated my mom’s picture from the ’70s.”

10. Can you tell which one is the mother?

11. Dad and son, wearing exactly the same glasses at exactly the same age

12. 25 years apart: same dress, same age

13. “For Mother’s Day I recreated my mom’s old picture from the ’80s.”

14. “My mom and me, age 20”

15. “I always get stopped in my town in Mexico because they say I look like my dad and ask me if I’m his son. I did a comparison pic to show how I kind of understand now.”

Isn’t it incredible how identical some of these family members look? Do you also look like a copy-paste version of one of your parents?

Preview photo credit ChristineHMcConnell / imgur


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