15+ People Who Broke Records With Their Bad Luck

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Although we try to avoid unfortunate events at all costs, some of them are so surreal that time turns them into our favorite hilarious memories. And instead of feeling frustrated or angry, some people take photos of their failed DIY projects or disastrous situations they face at home and share them with their friends or millions of people online. And by doing so, they turn an unhappy event into a great excuse for a good laugh.

1. ’’They attempted to shoot an archery video.’’

2. ’’My dad’s white feet and tanned legs — he wears the same shoes every day.’’

3. ’’The roof in my apartment collapsed due to rain, but the latex paint caught the drywall.’’

4. ’’What my girlfriend made me for dinner’’

5. ’’The water at my aunt’s work’’

6. ’’My instrument after a flight’’

7. ’’My cat and Christmas.’’

8. ’’I was given measuring tape without measurements.’’

9. ’’I tried baking a hedgehog cake for my mother’s birthday... It turned out so bad.’’

10. ’’I guess they won’t be driving anywhere anytime soon...’’

11. ’’I waited all summer to cut open this watermelon I grew in my yard.’’

12. ’’After numerous failed projects, finally a success. A slipper that would fit an elephant.’’

13. ’’I cleaned my glasses too hard. I’m at work, don’t have a spare pair.’’

14. ’’My dog chewed through the gift card I just received on Christmas.’’

15. ’’My attempt at macarons...’’

16. ’’I came home for a week to help my parents out with some yard work.’’

Do you often face unfortunate or unpleasant situations? How do you usually react to them?

Preview photo credit TheTim / Reddit, G-radicus / Reddit


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