15+ People Who Can Easily Be Called Bodybuilders of Humor

3 years ago

Experts agree that people begin to form a sense of humor in early childhood and they develop it throughout their entire life. A sense of humor is like an invisible muscle that needs constant training. The more often a person dives into the game of thoughts and words, the more their sense of humor is pumped. And if you work hard on it, you can become a real bodybuilder of humor.

At Bright Side, we admire people with powerful self-irony and a subtle sense of humor. They know how to cheer up not only themselves, but everyone around them, in a split second.

1. “My wife added stickers to her pregnant belly, and I’m crying!”

2. No one will ever question again what the figure in The Scream actually saw.

3. “I just increased my car’s value by $1 billion dollars.”

4. “My girlfriend always leaves the toilet roll in different places. I thought I’d repay the favor.”

5. “Cat + tiny rubber hands = judgmental cat who demands an explanation”

6. “My girlfriend wasn’t happy about the way I filled in her new picture frame.”

7. “My brother has discovered that his swim shirt holds air.”

8. “I’ve updated my neighbor’s mailbox. I hope they like it.”

9. A joke is a good solution in any situation.

10. “My wife has been secretly collecting pictures of me sleeping for months. Today, for Father’s Day, I was gifted the collection. I present ’Catnapping.’”

11. “I was asked to be the example of ‘what not to wear’ for our company’s new dress code policy. How did I do?”

12. “In my mom’s bathroom”

13. “My girlfriend and I have an ongoing argument about which direction the toilet paper roll should face. Today, I’ve decided to assert my dominance with a padlock.”

14. “Do you need a hammer? Here you go, buddy.”

15. “I decided to surprise my girlfriend with a new shower curtain while she was gone for the day. Hope I’m still home and not at work when she discovers it.”

16. Only for frog drivers

17. “My daughter roasted me for Father’s Day. I couldn’t be more proud.”

18. “Thankful to this unknown man for striking a pose and for not messing with my camera set up after he stumbled upon it.”

Do you have friends with a sparkling sense of humor? Describe the funny moments you’ve had together in the comments below.

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