15 People Who Chose Creativity Over Everything

2 years ago

Some folks don’t think twice when it comes to choosing a product for its peculiar looks. Others take matters into their own hands and create custom features that transform ordinary items into one-of-a-kind, like a handmade carpeted electric guitar. But we can’t blame them because truly eye-catching works come to life when we let our imagination run wild.

Bright Side presents you with a few people who found perfect examples of what it means to get creative.

1. “Someone put a Bob Ross toaster in our breakroom, and it burns an image of Bob Ross onto the toast.”

2. “I found this balaclava on a subreddit and bought it.”

3. “My spray bottle phone case”

4. “My brother’s a landscaper. I found this one day.”

5. “This mug I inherited from my grandfather — he was a potter, and one of his potter friends made this.”

6. “It’s a house modified to look like a boat, made of car windscreens.”

7. “Visiting the International Furniture Fair in Cologne was definitely worth it.”

8. “A carpeted guitar my friend and I made — we call it the ’Guitarpet.’”

9. “Found at a local pumpkin farm”

10. “This table from 1905 was awfully far ahead of its time.”

11. “This hotel bathroom ’tile’ wall is actually just numerous pictures of denim-clad butts.”

12. “A beautiful toilet in Mexico that is painted even on the inside. I almost felt guilty for using it.”

13. “A friend impulsively ordered custom handmade eyeball tone knobs for his electric guitar.”

14. “The only time you can spill lasagna on the couch and it’s okay...”

15. “Look at this photograph.”

Do you enjoy owning one-of-a-kind objects? Let’s see your most special items in the comments!

Preview photo credit I_Cheif_I / Reddit


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