15+ People Who Decided to Immortalize Love on Their Skin

2 years ago

In the past, people would have paintings made to commemorate a certain person or moment in their lives, or even themselves. Nowadays, technology has made things way too easy and anyone can capture something dear to them. However, if you want to immortalize how much your family, friends, and pets mean to you, tattoos are the way to carry them close to you for life.

At Bright Side, we have prepared a list of 16 tattoos that people have imprinted on their skin.

1. “My only tattoo, in memory of my grandma”

2. “All 3 of my dogs, who I no longer have”

3. “My memorial tattoo for my dad, done 3 years ago”

4. “My first tattoo!”

5. “Childhood memories”

“Did your parents ever make you believe in something, and you grew up thinking it was totally true? My father had me believing that if I ate enough blueberries, I’d be able to see in the dark. As a child, I would steal the box from the fridge, eat them all, and then sit in the garden, waiting for the night to come. Then I was there, cold, but saying, ’It’s not working yet...not yet...not yet...’ And obviously, I’d come home a little disappointed, but only thinking I hadn’t eaten enough.”

6. “My neo-trad tattoo in memory of my daughter, Ruby, who passed away last year”

7. Self-love

8. “My grandad passed away, and I got the chaffinch tattooed on me, so I would always have a reminder of him close to me.”

“That’s my grandad and me, feeding the birds.”

9. “Got matching sister tattoos for my first experience (pink skirt).”

10. “Matching tattoos with my best friend/college roommate, representing the time we spent living in the White Mountains”

11. “Got this today in memory of my mother who passed from an 11-year cancer battle in 2019. Turned some of her ashes into the ink.”

12. “My first tattoo to celebrate our first child”

13. “My brothers and I got matching tattoos.”

14. “A portrait outline of my sons”

15. “A portrait of my wife on our wedding day.”

16. “The wife and I got matching tattoos to celebrate our recent wedding.”

Do you have any tattoos paying tribute to someone close to you? If you don’t, who or what would you like to always carry with you?

Preview photo credit PamfromTheOffice/ Imgur


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