15 People Who Don’t Believe in the Meaning of Trash

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According to a study, only about 9% of plastic waste is recycled around the world. Fortunately, some people always try their best to minimize their impact on Earth. They reuse old materials differently, from creating art pieces to making fashionable new clothing. Their products are often shared online, so we gathered a few here to inspire everyone to treat our environment with kindness.

1. “My mom was throwing out these curtains, so I made a dress out of them.”

2. “I take plastic shipping/bale straps from hardware store waste and make sturdy, functional, and fashionable baskets.”

3. “I turned IKEA bags into a windbreaker.”

4. “Made 2-tone pants out of a pair of pants with a busted crotch and another thrifted pair that didn’t quite fit right.”

5. “I found an old bicycle frame in the woods and made it into a glass mosaic.”

6. “Made some shorts, a bucket hat, and a bag all from one old jacket.”

7. “Pulled out of a trash heap. Thorough cleaning, paint, wood wrap from my scrap pile. Added some legs and bingo-bango!”

8. “Repurposed a diaper box and some contact paper into a little bookcase for my son.”

9. “My sister upcycled this stove top I caught magnet fishing a few months back.”

10. “Made from glued-together delivery boxes.”

11. “A cat tree I made a while ago.”

12. “I turned a broken air compressor into a flower pot with a reservoir.”

13. “This piece was just as fun to make as it looks.”

14. “Painted these ornaments on salvaged burnt-out light bulbs.”

15. “I turned my ex’s T-shirt into a dress for myself.”

Have you done any DIY projects using recycled materials? Would you try any of the projects on this list?

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