15 People Who Have Gone Through Transformations and Got Brilliant Results

year ago

Sometimes, you get a deep feeling that there should be a change in your life, and only your will can move rocks and make dreams come true. Yes, you need some courage to do this, but when those goals are reached, you may feel like a hero yourself.

1. “10 years apart”

2. “Definitely a big change, I am crossing my fingers that my tip will be smaller and defined with time as swelling goes down!”

3. “A big change after being blonde for 4 years!”

4. “5 months after”

5. “I’ve been growing out my hair for 3 years since I first heard you can give it to charity.”

6. “Before and after rhinoplasty”

7. “23 months on hormones”

8. 2-year difference

9. “Before/after an ashy, sort of blonde to purple”

10. “2.5 years, 8 teeth extracted”

11. “I feel like I finally have the face I was supposed to have all along.”

12. “2 years later!”

13. “Before and after”

14. “First day on hormones vs 9 months later”

15. “I did it. I chopped everything off and am now rocking a pixie cut.”

Have you ever tried experimenting with your appearance? What was the result?

Preview photo credit maybeiris / Reddit


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