15+ People Who Made the World a Kinder Place

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We are 100% sure that superheroes are real and they live among us. They just don’t wear fancy costumes. They’re ordinary people who can’t pass by someone who needs help. For example, today you’ll meet the 10-year-old Sophia who spent all her money on toys for animals.

Bright Side hopes that these 17 kind stories will inspire you to do good things. And don’t miss our bonus at the end: a “consequence” of a random act of kindness.

17. This turtle lost both its back legs, so some vets built it a fancy wheelchair out of Lego wheels.

16. “A coworker noticed my boots needed replacing. So these were waiting for me at my workstation.”

15. “Took my niece for a walk yesterday and she lost her ’Iggle Piggle.’ Today, I retraced our footsteps and found out that someone had picked him up and stuck him there so we’d find him.”

14. An Iranian teacher drives to the village to teach his only student there, using his car as a whiteboard.

13. Policemen found a frozen puppy near a river and saved it. Now the baby has the name, River.

12. This man is recycling old picnic coolers and turning them into shelters for stray cats during winter.

11. This is Sophia. She just turned 10 and used her birthday money to purchase toys for the animals at the animal shelter.

10. “I got a flat tire in an unfamiliar area and these men stopped in and offered to help.”

9. “Held the door open for an old lady and she gave me candy. I’m not sure whose smile was bigger, mine or hers.”

8. “My daughter saved this baby bunny from a cat today.”

7. “My neighbor saw me having a bad day and gave me treats from his work. This day is already getting better.”

6. “My sister is a volunteer who picks up dogs and gets them to their new forever homes. She drove this gorgeous girl 8 hours to her new home.”

5. Someone left this food for homeless people.

“Bought this pizza tonight. Hope it makes a nice breakfast.”

4. “I made 350 seed bombs and filled them with nectar-rich wildflower seed mix to help combat the butterfly and bee population decline.”

3. “I ran out of fuel on the freeway last night. This guy helped me push it out to the nearest gas station.”

2. 2 friends turned their van into a laundry service to wash homeless people’s clothes.

1. This beautiful act of kindness by an old man restores faith in humanity.

Bonus: This is the dog named River that was saved by the policemen. She’s celebrating her first birthday!

Have you ever witnessed or done any acts of kindness? Please share your stories and photos with us!

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It's true! Good deeds don't need a reason, they just need to be done :)
Love this compilation
You know what makes me so happy from reading this all? Is to read how little kids do something good. This means that their parents are cool people and bring their kids up in a right way! :)

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