15 People Who Must Be Sneaking Drinks From the Fountain of Youth

3 years ago

We live in a culture obsessed with looking and feeling young. And while everyone grows, matures, and changes, there are a handful of lucky people who seem to be the epitome of time standing still. These are the people whose healthy genes and flawless skin allow them to look as youthful as ever.

We at Bright Side are stunned by the ageless beauty of these celebrities. It makes us wonder what secret moisturizer they might be hiding in their cabinets!

1. Alexis Bledel, 39 years old

2. Geena Davis, 65 years old

3. Donna Price, 35 years old

4. Christie Brinkley, 67 years old

5. Ha Ji Won, 42 years old

6. James Marsden, 47 years old

7. Gabrielle Union-Wade, 48 years old

8. Alice Dixson, 51 years old

9. Gwen Stefani, 51 years old

10. Lisa Kudrow, 57 years old

11. Ji Sung, 44 years old

12. Heidi Klum, 47 years old

13. Julie Andrews, 85 years old

14. Halle Berry, 54 years old

15. Justin Long, 42 years old

Whose looks and age surprised you the most? Do you think a youthful look comes from good habits and healthy living?


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it only takes a few fraktions of a second to find pics that contradicts this dumb list

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Didn't even recognise Halle Berry!! She looks like she turned the clocks back never mind time stood still!! She looks younger there than when she played cat woman... years ago!! 😲


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