15+ People Who Prove That Life Is Nothing More Than a Twist of Fate

2 years ago

Coincidences are defined as two or more events occurring at the same moment unexpectedly, and for no apparent reason. At least once in life, every one of us has experienced something so surprising to make us believe it was predestined. Even if one believes that every situation can be rationally explained, coincidences cannot be ruled out. As long as humans are unable to predict the causal unfolding of the future, coincidences will continue to occur.

Today at Bright Side, we’ll show you how great fate can be for some of us, from siblings whose children were born on the same day to those who happened to cross paths at the right time and place.

1. “The first picture we ever were in together, then 7 years later. We met in MMA class.”

2. “Proposed to my girlfriend of 4 years where we met at the University of Michigan.”

3. “Bikes were a huge part of what initially brought us together.”

4. “After almost 20 years of playing Xbox together, I met my Best Man for the first time this weekend.”

5. “We met on Reddit 5 years ago today, so it seemed like a good day for an elopement. We do!”

6. “In a happy coincidence, our daughter turned 4 on Mother’s Day. What a great double celebration.”

7. “I met her on my first day of college, but then we parted ways for 7 years.”

“A twist of fate brought us back together, and now I never have to worry about losing her again.”

8. “My son celebrating his first birthday with his 103-year-old grandma. Both born on the same day.”

9. “Our moms were best friends and had us around the same time. We’ve been best friends for 24 years!”

10. “10 years ago, I went off to college, and people I didn’t know kept calling me ’Brian.’ My name is Josh. A few weeks later, I met Brian.”

“We took this picture together.”

11. “We rescued Suzie 2 weeks before they diagnosed my grandma with heart failure. I feel like she’s her angel.”

“She also has a perfect heart-shaped spot on her side.”

12. “After 25 years of never having seen another one of these, I found out my boyfriend of 2.5 years has one exactly like it.”

13. “My mom’s cousin took me out to help me feel better from a recent breakup. This coincidence of a message was in my fortune cookie.”

14. “On the day my wife and I got married, we met a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.”

15. “My brothers-in-law are twins and their babies were just born on the same day.”

Have you ever ended up meeting someone by chance? Is there anything that happened to you that was just a twist of fate?

Preview photo credit CrazyMikeMMA / reddit


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