15 People Who Realized Some Things Were Decided by Fate

2 years ago

Some people believe that if something is meant to happen, the universe will align to make it come true. Call it destiny or serendipity, but there’s something to be said about how sometimes the world moves in mysterious ways.

Some coincidences are easy to brush off as purely accidental, but others are too uncanny to be considered normal happenstance. Bright Side has rounded up these photos that might just prove how some events have already been written in the stars.

1. “My great-aunt in 1944 and myself in 2013 — both were married in front of the same fireplace, and both were widowed young.”

2. “I go home to visit Grandma and I am literally wearing the same outfit in her photo of me.”

3. “Apparently, my wife and I were always meant to be.”

4. “My old tattoo and my new puppy — meant to be.”

5. “While out for my grandmother’s eighty-fifth birthday, we found this lady also celebrating her eighty-fifth.”

“They were born one day apart, grew up in the same city, and had never met.”

6. “2 very random couples running into each other”

7. “My wife and I thought we met for the first time in our twenties. We found out years later our mothers were best friends.”

“This was our actual first encounter.”

8. “My friend saw this bag in a store. Below are her dogs.”

9. “My mother and my wife’s mother both had photos taken on the same pony.”

10. “When my mom and dad got married, they found out they both happened to own this book.”

11. “What are the odds of my brothers and me getting our dad the same Christmas card this year?”

12. “I’m adopted and was recently given this photo. This is my 19-year-old grandma with Roy Rodgers in 1952.”

“As a musician, it’s pretty evocative for me.”

13. “My mom in Italy as a child in the same spot that I coincidentally took a photo in”

14. "Mom graduated with me 21 years ago as a nurse, and me graduating as a paramedic with her 21 years later.

15. “Both 81 and widowed, my friend’s grandmother just married her prom date after only starting to speak again 64 years later.”

How about you? Do you believe that destiny is real, or do you think we have full control over everything that happens in our lives? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit blur911sc / Reddit


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