15 People Who Take Doing Their Nails to Levels Beyond What Anyone Can Imagine

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Trying new things might increase our learning skills, according to a study. Although surely nail professionals and enthusiasts don’t have this in mind, the truth is they experiment fearlessly. From new materials like wood to more artistic looks, Reddit is full of folks with a daring nail game.

Bright Side brings you a few stunning nail designs that turn heads everywhere. And make sure to stay for the purr-fect bonus at the end!

1. “My nails glow in the dark.”

2. “I put some wood on my nails for a laugh, but now I love them.”

3. “I cut out this cat from a page in a calendar and encased him in gel top coat.”

4. “I freehand painted a dragon’s eye on my nails.”

5. “I made myself gemstones.”

6. “I painted my nails to look like ocean agates.”

  • “These are oddly terrifying because they are so well done! It’s like you have gemstones growing out of your fingers!” — hanneeplanee / Reddit

7. “I hand painted these koi fish and it took me entirely too long.”

8. “The goal was to make it look like fruit encased in jelly.”

9. “This is by far the best manicure I have ever seen.”

10. “I recreated the look of dragonfly wings.”

11. “Nails inspired by my grandma’s opal ring”

12. “They’re rainbow jelly frogs!”

13. “My first attempt at sea glass nails”

14. “They are loud and I’m proud of how they turned out.”

15. “A city skyline over multiple gradients — from sunset, through the night, and into the sunrise.”

Bonus: “She couldn’t handle not being the center of attention for one picture.”

Do you enjoy doing your nails? When was the last time you tried something new? Come chat in the comments!

Preview photo credit eehttofu / Reddit


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