15 People Who Were Lucky Enough to Find Something Really Special

2 years ago

Leaving the house can quickly turn into an unforgettable memory with a bit of luck. From capturing a lightning strike while taking a selfie to being greeted by a macaw at the store you work at, the world is a gift that keeps on giving.

Bright Side collected some people’s unusual findings to make one fascinating compilation.

1. “My co-worker’s hoodie has headphones threaded through the drawstring.”

2. “These super wide rims on this Audi”

3. “The face on the spine of this book looks exactly like mine.”

4. “This pressure washer looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

5. “My mom ran into someone with the same tattoo as her in the same spot as her, just mirrored.”

6. “The woman serving me had almost identical hand-knitted gloves to mine.”

7. “My local library moved into an old grocery store.”

8. “My mom still has napkins from the original Space Jam.”

9. “My grandparents have a fish pond in their living room.”

10. “A Maneki Neko statue at my local gym.”

11. “Some lady brought in a macaw where I work and let me hold it.”

12. “A flat fire extinguisher I found.”

13. “In 1945, my great grandmother wrote her name on a sidewalk. We found it again. She is 93.”

14. “I’m inside Windows XP.”

15. “The Chicago skyline is visible from nearly 50 miles away in the Indiana Dunes sunset.”

What’s something you’ve come across that stood out for you? Bring your stories and pics to the comments so we can all be wowed some more!

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