15 People Who Will Likely Think Twice Before Buying Something Online Again

3 years ago

Shopping online is a wild ride that doesn’t always end well. Like, for example, when you get 2 shower heads in place of those new earbuds you were so excited about. Fortunately, some people managed to turn these situations into funny anecdotes and a warning note for others.

Bright Side searched far and wide for those who got the short end of the stick while shopping online.

1. “Extra large” dog pool, they said...

2. “My new bath arrived, and it wasn’t quite the relaxing experience I was expecting.”

3. “Found a cool-looking Godzilla succulent planter but got a creepy rodent Godzilla instead.”

4. “The pillow on a chair in the ad vs the one I got for my 9-lb dog’s bed”

5. “My boyfriend’s favorite Pokemon is Gengar, so I ordered the biggest one I could find. But then this arrived.”

6. “My wife ordered these flowers to be delivered to her aunt on her birthday. We all had a huge laugh.”

7. Not quite “petite” jeans...

8. “Ordered a cute suncatcher but received this instead.”

9. “I mean, technically this is what I ordered.”

10. “My mom ordered steps for the dog. The order and what we got don’t quite match.”

11. “Buying online is always a rollercoaster.”

12. “This is what happens when you buy a $20 punching bag online.”

13. “Never buy anything online, even if it looks legit.”

14. At least you won’t get cold with this winter hat.

15. “Amazon did me wrong with this cat tree.”

Have you ever had a disappointing online shopping experience? Do you have any photos that would’ve fit into this compilation perfectly? Make sure not to overlook our comment section where we’re waiting for your stories and photos!

Preview photo credit mastersaitek / Reddit


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The 2 one was pretty close to the picture, it wouldn't be that comfortable.


Always get the specs of a product before buying, also where possible go through someone like PayPal at least then you have someone on your side if the seller is a scam.


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