15 People Whose Days Couldn’t Become Any Weirder

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Strange landscapes, curious objects, unexpected encounters, and bizarre situations are usually the stuff of dreams. That’s why we can hardly believe our eyes when these occurrences happen in real life. These 15 people were (un)lucky enough to have their cameras ready to snap a shot of strange sights they witnessed that left them super puzzled.

1. ’’A snow-covered net roof of the aviary in the zoo’’

2. ’’3 planes drew a nearly perfect box in the sky this morning.’’

3. ’’The way the rain is falling in just this one place’’

4. ’’There’s an escaped emu running around my neighborhood.’’

5. ’’Accidentally dumping a full load of garbage in a busy intersection’’

6. ’’This public restroom at a hotel has black toilet paper.’’

7. ’’My sock got wet and dyed my foot.’’

8. A one-person bench might not be a common sight, but it’s possibly a very practical solution.

9. ’’My dog’s teddy bear is growing grass on it.’’

10. ’’Went on a walk through the woods. Found a toilet.’’

11. ’’I saw a bird eating an apple at the store today.’’

12. ’’I’m going to need a bigger snow blower.’’

13. ’’I didn’t forget my keys but still managed to lock myself out.’’

14. ’’This bench with a concrete spine that looks like a mattress’’

15. ’’Found a leaf that was rotting away, but the veins remained.’’

How would you react if you witnessed some of these situations? If you were able to capture something unusual or extraordinary, don’t hesitate to share your precious photos with us.

Preview photo credit Littlemeggie / Reddit


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