15 People Whose Days Went in a Completely Unexpected Direction

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Bad days can happen to anyone, from messing something up at work to getting a flat tire. Sometimes, the only thing we can do in the face of such terrible luck is to laugh at ourselves and move on with our day. These 15 people faced a day that threw some unexpected things at them, but luckily, they were able to shrug it off and share it with us to make us laugh.

1. “I ordered some food for delivery today, and there’s a massive metal handle in it.”

2. “Just another reason to love using public bathrooms...”

3. “The vegan option served at the end of a fancy conference dinner”

4. “Got stung in the eye at 2 a.m. while asleep by probably one of the last wasps of the season.”

5. “The tomato”

6. “A bird flew into my window going so fast it left a bird print and feathers on the glass.”

7. “First time using a pizza stone”

8. “Parents who raise their kids saying, ’It’s okay to leave a library like this.’”

9. “The way my brother eats ice cream”

10. “Got my key stuck/broke in my mailbox.”

11. “I’ve been trying to tell my husband our oven runs hot and he should cook things at a lower temp and for less time. He just didn’t believe me.”

12. “My trombone after my friend jumped on it”

13. “Had a big party this past weekend. While I was greeting guests I forgot about the ribs on the grills.”

14. “10-month-old iPhone (that has never been dropped or exposed to extreme temps) suddenly decides to do this.”

15. “My daughter asked if I was doing a magic trick...”

What has been the unluckiest day of your life? How did you end up dealing with it? Share your story with us.

Preview photo credit SparrowFiero / Reddit


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