15 People Whose Inventions Are a Bit Strange but Still Likeable

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Some of the inventions we use today seem to have been constantly ridiculed in the beginning. For example, when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, not everyone was impressed and considered his invention unworthy. However, now, no one can imagine life without this invention. We suggest taking a look at other self-made things collected from the net and thinking about whether they may also get famous in the future.

1. “Metal flip-flop serving plates”

2. “Rice on your clothes is the most uncomfy thing.”

3. “Fork at the Eiffel Tower is the Eiffel Tower.

4. “This table at a Mexican restaurant is made out of corn kernels. Reminds me of teeth...”

5. “The spine lamp.”

6. “Garden foot creature”

7. “Beautiful sculpture. Just not sure I want to brush the dust out of its hair every month.”

8. “Jaws shoes.”

9. “Earrings for your next fine dining extravaganza.”

10. “Rugged warrior”

11. “Hot toddy in a mini toilet.”

12. “High fashion camel toe shoes.”

13. “The back panel says ‘put it baaaack’ hahaha. From my sister’s Airbnb.”

14. “I made a painting of the Google Dino Run.”

15. “I made this motivational embroidery.”

What invention did you like the most? Would you try inventing something on your own?


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