15 People Whose Tattoos Are So Emotional, You’ll Need a Box of Tissues When Looking at Them

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While some individuals see tattoos as works of art, others simply view them as a fashion trend. And many people view them as a means of self-expression or having a connection to something. We really love the deep meanings these tattoo owners put into their ink and decided to show the artwork to our beloved readers.

1. “My memorial to my best girl”

2. “Proud of my first tattoo.”

3. “My grandma (77 years young) just got her first tattoo! ’It didn’t hurt at all.’”

4. “My kiddo created a crazy creature out of construction paper so I had my tattoo artist interpret it.”

5. “Got matching tattoos with my mom a couple of days ago. I’m 26, she’s 60 — my seventh, her first.”

“She’s never been a fan of my tats, so it meant a lot when she said she wanted to get these together.”

6. A whole new universe is presented in this half-sleeve surreal underwater tattoo.

7. “I had my cat tattooed as an astrocat!”

8. “An orca for a friend by me”

9. “Couple tattoo”

10. “My father was a Seabee. I lost him last week. I got this to honor him and his service. I miss you dad.”

11. “The wife and I got matching tattoos while on vacation in Florida.”

12. Maybe this is what love truly looks like.

13. “Scorpion tattoos I made for this married couple — they’re their first tattoos and they are 60+, it’s never too late to get your first tattoo!”

14. “Got a matching tattoo with my mom, I grew up with her reading dragon books to me.”

15. “Matching tattoos — a decade of friendship, one side of the square for each of us.”

Do you have tattoos? Are there special meanings behind them? Tell us more in the comments!

Preview photo credit Beep-Boop***** / Reddit


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