15 People Who’ve Become Their Own Stylists and Now Proudly Show Off Their Stunning Results

2 years ago

We all love to express ourselves in different ways. One of the ways we communicate who we are is through our appearance. The clothes we wear, along with our makeup, hair, and nails all show a part of our personality. The following people have shared their stunning style, proving you don’t need a team of stylists to look amazing.

Bright Side is in awe of these people that proudly share their style.

1. “The Diwali edition — it took me years to perfect.”

2. “All black everything, this whole outfit was thrifted.”

3. “I love how this eye look turned out.”

4. “Sherpa shoes with a sherpa jacket — the pants, I thrifted.”

5. “Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s my look.”

6. “I get that it ain’t everyone’s style and that’s okay, very ’90s.”

7. “Never tried these colors together, but it looks kind of fun!”

8. “I’ve spent too much time staring at my nails today, it may be a problem at work tomorrow.”

9. “Bringing back the old. The sweater pulls it all together.”

10. “Hoping for Spring! I did a cherry blossom-inspired look.”

11. “Comfort zones are for the weak, I love this silhouette.”

12. “Colors are almost like a traffic light.”

13. “Created a Falgun look! Bengali festivals and holidays.”

14. “Picked up my kitten a few days ago and I had to match my nails.”

15. “A Holi (Indian festival of colors) inspired makeup look — it’s eye shadow that I blended like blush.”

What style tips do you swear by? Are you inspired by any of these incredible looks?

Preview photo credit priyalicious/Reddit


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