15 Times People Saw a Show They Didn’t Have a Ticket For

2 years ago

Witnessing a situation that completely throws us off guard can be an exciting experience. Whether it’s a bird standing on top of another in the middle of the street or seeing our significant other sleeping in a really peculiar position. Every now and then, the universe hides surprises that can add a fun twist to our day. We only have to be attentive enough to catch them in time.

Bright Side doesn’t want you to miss an opportunity to be surprised and amused. That’s why we want to share some interesting sights that you will want to double-check.

1. ’’So I found a raccoon today in this exact position.’’

2. ’’I walked in on her sleeping like this. I’m not sure she’s human.’’

3. ’’This ’gnome home’ I came across on my walk today’’

4. ’’I finished a shower, opened the curtain, and found a 3-foot snake.’’

5. ’’I just walked in on my daughter playing her 3DS like this.’’

6. ’’My housemate saw a dog on the roof on his walk.’’

7. ’’I was walking in NYC, looked over, and saw this in someone’s apartment.’’

8. ’’I went to the bathroom at school and walked in on this.’’

9. A very peculiar sight on the motorway

10. “Watched a very flexible guy at the airport.”

11. ’’I found this Everybody Loves Raymond shrine on my walk in the bush this morning.’’

12. ’’I took a double-take when I saw this at a red light.’’

13. ’’I was browsing the books in this small secluded book store when I heard something above my head.’’

14. ’’I saw this on my run last night.’’

15. ’’I saw a gull standing on top of another gull.’’

Do you often encounter situations that are totally unexpected? When was the last time you were truly astonished by something you’ve seen?

Preview photo credit ElrianWalker/Reddit


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