15+ Photos of Animals Giving Tons of Love That We All Need Right Now

4 years ago

The love and affection that animals can share with people are so strong, that it can help you feel less anxious, depressed, and lonely. There`re also studies that show having a pet can improve your physical health, for example, your cardiovascular fitness. Seems like our furry friends are magic creatures who can take all of our problems away!

And if you don’t have a pet, don’t worry. We at Bright Side believe that just looking at pictures of animals being all cute and cuddly, should be enough to make you feel a lot better!

1. “My wife getting a hug from a baby squirrel that she’s taking care of.”

2. “Clementine, reminding everyone that all animals love, and love to be loved!”

3. “My niece only asked for a few things for Christmas. One of them was peppermints for the neglected horse who lives across the street.”

4. “I took the new pup to the nursing home next door. They instantly became best friends.”

5. “This is Aretha, a rescue cow. She groomed my legs with her tongue then fell asleep. She’s a good girl.”

6. “He hugs me like this every time I come home from college, his face says it all.”

7. Camels can be gentle too.

8. “My friend recently got 2 kittens. She sent a photo of them hugging each other while sleeping. This made my day.”

9. “There, there Pumps. Everything is going to be okay.”

10. “When you and your bestie take a selfie:”

11. “My new adopted kitten fell asleep hugging my hand.”

12. “Momma hen Clooney has his paws full with his 7 baby chicks!”

13. Fluffy pets also love to have fluffy friends.

14. We wouldn’t be able to resist this beauty either!

15. “My niece’s miniature donkey Boopy”

16. If you’re tiny, that doesn’t mean there’s any less love in you!

17. “Meg and Amy head rubbing, reinforcing their lifelong bonds.”

18. With such big lips, you’re guaranteed to be a good kisser!

19. “He likes to munch.”

Which picture do you like the most? Do you know anyone whose pet or emotional support animal has helped improve their mental or physical health? Do you have similar photos of you and your pets? We’d love to see them in the comments!


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A raccoon being so affectionate .... I thought those creatures only steal things ?


Raccoons are the best!! haaha I would love to have one in my house just for a few hours because I guess my dog would be really annoyed ? ? ?


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