15 Photos Proved That Not Everything Changes With Time

2 years ago

We’re all afraid of time, the changes it brings, and the fact that it moves at such a fast rate that it’s difficult to keep up with. Fortunately, pictures allow us to capture priceless moments in our lives and prove that, no matter how much time passes, certain things never truly change.

Bright Side has gathered a collection of touching images of people that resemble circumstances and people from their past that they may treasure forever.

1. “Prom vs wedding. Same location, 3 years apart”

2. “I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago.”

3. “Back in Florence, 10 years later. My boy will be taller than me soon.”

4. “My granny’s cat and I, 16 years apart!”

5. “Me and my Fafá, 29 years apart. We’re both turning 31.”

6. “My grandparents in the 1960s were newly married, and in 2020, 60 years later.”

7. “My wife and her pupper 30 years ago, and our daughter and her pupper”

8. “14 years apart”

9. “Then and now (8 years in the making)”

10. “Left: our 1977 wedding and 3 years before the devastating diagnosis. Right: at our daughter’s wedding after I survived (2014).”

11. “2006-2016 pictured. Today is our 15th year anniversary. Been apart for the last year, home soon.”

12. “My mom sent me an old pic of me. Reminded me of one taken a couple of years ago. 26 years apart, still love grilling hot dogs!”

13. “Me (left) and my son (right), wearing the same lederhosen outfit 30 years apart.”

14. “30 years apart at my Grandma’s house”

15. “Dad holding me circa 1987. Me holding my son in 2020”

Which of these images did you find the most touching? Do you have any photos that you’ve reproduced with your family or friends?

Preview photo credit land0man / reddit


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