15 Photos That Gave Us a “Brain Freeze”

4 years ago

It is really hard to impress people who are constantly surfing the web, but still, when we see landing gear that was terribly damaged during a rough landing or a jellyfish the size of a person, it’s hard to contain our emotions. As it turns out, there are still quite a lot of things in the world that we would never see if we didn’t have the internet.

Sometimes, we at Bright Side think that we have seen everything, but then we find something absolutely mind-blowing and realize that we were wrong. Here is another collection of the best photos.

1. This is the cap from the very top of the Illinois State Capitol building. Every hole is from a lightning strike.

2. Landing gear after an emergency landing. Not a single passenger was hurt.

3. A giant jellyfish the size of a person

4. This dog named Lucky, from Thailand, has colors nobody has ever seen before.

5. A new car in the color of rust

6. Square biscuit starfish

7. Gigantic hail the size of an orange in Italy in July

8. Buluus Glacier in Yakutia doesn’t melt even when it’s hot and it serves as a beach for the local people.

9. A realistic picture

10. These stairs with an optical illusion

11. “This is a hummingbird feather I found on my shirt.”

12. Ice covers Lake Michigan in millions of glass shatters.

13. “This bee photobombed my picture and ended up in perfect focus.”

14. This dog is covered with powder and it looks like he’s on fire.

15. Chanel Tapper, a student from California, USA, has the world’s longest tongue, measuring 9.75 cm (3.8 in).

Do you have something you can impress other people with?

Preview photo credit A320 Systems / Facebook


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I think with the global warming Buluus Glacier will melt soon enough..


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