15+ Photos That Prove Dads Will Do Anything to Make Us Smile

7 months ago

A parent’s love goes beyond any limits. However, the bond fathers have with their children is remarkable. Dads are the funniest and sweetest toward their children, and they are always ready to do anything to make them happy.

1. “Moms vs dads”

2. “Was at my kid’s school for a costume parade. One dad misunderstood in the best way possible.”

3. “Just being a dad on a Saturday morning”

4. “Found my daughter’s hair dye kit in the bathroom. Think she’ll like it?”

5. A costume of an astronaut a dad got for his son

6. “Not sure if pink’s my color.”

7. “I’ve got the boys solo on a rainy weekend.”

8. “Using old painter’s tape for a morning of fun. My son’s imagination is amazing, and I’m definitely open to doing anything that keeps him from asking to watch TV.”

9. “My daughter wanted to be cute Bob for Halloween. I hope she digs my DIY minion goggles because I sure do.”

10. “Fatherhood with a house full of daughters”

11. “My daughter found a comfy spot to watch her movie.”

12. “The moment I got to read my daughter a book I made for her! Worth every second.”

13. “A 2-tower box castle we made in our living room for our daughter”

14. “The wife and I took our daughter flying for the first time today. She had a blast!”

15. “Halloween tonight in my town, my daughter and I were stopped a lot for pictures.”

16. “Took my daughter ice skating for the first time, she wanted me to wear a matching outfit with her.”

Preview photo credit sheep_wrangler / Reddit


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