The Story of a Foster Dad Who Devoted His Life to Giving a Loving Home to Children Who Are in Very Poor Health

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There are 8 million children living in orphanages, despite the fact that most of them have at least one living parent. We’d think that the number would be even higher for children with disabilities or illnesses. That’s why we are lucky to have people like Mohamed Bzeek, a philanthropist who has been fostering and caring for terminally ill children for over 30 years.

Mohamed Bzeek has fathered more than 80 children.

In the ’70s, Mohamed Bzeek immigrated to the US from Libya to study engineering. He later became a citizen in 1997 and married his late wife.

Since 1995, he has been a foster father to several children in need. He claims that his goal is to help children with terminal illnesses, especially since those kids in need often end up being left in hospitals or taken from their families by the state.

“It’s my role as a human being to help others.”

He has cared for more than 80 kids during that time because he feels it’s his duty to do so. That’s why he gives them a loving home and helps make their final days as happy as possible.

Instead of allowing them all to go into different foster homes or stay in the hospital, Bzeek opens his door and heart and has become one of the few foster parents who concentrates on caring for terminally ill children.

He doesn’t want the sick children to suffer.

He stepped up and became their permanent guardian. This way, he could continue providing them with love and support from one home base instead of having multiple transitions between facilities or hospitals throughout their short lifetimes.

“We need to extend our hand to help people who need us. Doesn’t matter what nationality, what religion, what country. To me it doesn’t matter, I do it as a human being for another human being,” he says.

Taking care of his ill son didn’t stop him from looking after other children.

Bzeek had been through many hardships and challenges, especially when he lost his wife who used to help him with the foster kids. With the help of a nurse who comes to his house every day, he’s been able to take small breaks and run errands.

For decades, he has maintained his strength of character because of his faith. He looked after his children while caring for his 19-year-old biological son who suffers from a form of dwarfism and brittle bone disease. His home was the only place in Los Angeles that accepted kids with terminal illnesses.

The operation he underwent made him more committed to his cause.

In December 2016, Bzeek had to undergo treatment for a serious illness and was profoundly affected by the experience. He became more committed to his calling after seeing the hardships that people with poor health face.

“This operation in December has humbled me and made me work more and help more kids,” he says.

He is everything these kids need.

It’s hard to imagine a more noble cause than taking in terminally ill children. He started off as a foster father but soon realized that these children needed more than just food and shelter. They needed love and care, so he became their parent in every sense of the word. We’d like to thank Mohamed Bzeek for his immeasurable help over the years.

The Diyanet Foundation has awarded Mohamed Bzeek an International Benevolence Award, and he is the subject of a documentary directed by Ensar Altay.

This is Samantha.

Samantha, the girl in Mohamed’s arms, has a birth defect, and she was going to spend the rest of her life in the hospital. But Bzeek decided to be her guardian. He threw birthday parties for her and took her on picnics and shopping sprees. Most importantly, he showed her the love and care that she needed from a parent.

How do you think the world should thank Mohamed Bzeek? Do you know any other inspiring foster parents?


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