15+ Photos That Prove Our Grandparents Could Be Hollywood Icons

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The past may seem dull and uneventful without all the modern-day technology and entertainment. However, thanks to the internet and individuals sharing pictures and stories of their beloved family members, our perspective can change completely. The golden era of Hollywood had an undeniable allure that made everyone look like a star, including our grandparents.

1. “Grandma sent me a picture of my grandpa at my age to make me feel like a loser.”

2. “My grandmother and grandfather in New York, 1956”

3. “An old photo of my grandmother”

4. “Great-grandmother, 1916”

5. “My grandpa in the late ’40s”

6. “What a dish — my beautiful grandmother in the mid-’40s!”

7. “My grandpa back in 1951 — despite his movie star looks, he was one of the coolest and kindest men you’d ever meet.”

8. “My grandmother and grandfather on the day they got engaged, 1944”

9. “My grandfather, 1969”

10. “My grandmother, 1940s”

11. “My grandfather on the left with a friend, taken during the 1950s”

12. “My 91-year-old grandmother at about 20 years old — she was an aspiring actress.”

13. “My grandfather passed away a few days ago. My grandmother hasn’t said a word since and she’s been absolutely broken.”

“They were together 72 years.”

14. “My grandmother on her wedding day in the 1950s”

15. “My grandfather in 1951”

16. “Today, my grandmother showed me a picture of her on a date with my grandfather.”

17. “So, my grandmother was a total babe.”

Preview photo credit Furbybebe13_ / Reddit


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