15 Photos That Prove the “L” in “Children” Doesn’t Stand for Logic

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3 years ago

Buy your kids fancy toys all you want — they’ll still end up playing with potatoes or toilet paper. They cry when you tell them they can’t eat toxic objects and sometimes wreck your new TV. Sure, having children is bliss but it also means having to clean up every few minutes and trying to understand what goes on in those tiny heads of theirs.

Bright Side has picked 15 photos of children doing questionable things that even Sherlock Holmes can’t deduce.

1. “My 4-year-old nephew drew a very flattering portrait of me.”

2. “Come find me, Dad!”

3. “My 5-year-old daughter cut holes in her socks just in case her feet get hot.”

4. This kid complained that his laptop wasn’t charging.

5. “It was at exactly this moment that my son realized his mistake.”

6. “I spend a ton of money on educational toys for my kid and she chooses potatoes.”

7. “Didn’t know I was raising a mountain climber.”

8. “When your mom won’t let you have antifreeze”

9. “I guess my 9-year-old was curious.”

10. “I bit my older brother again, therefore, I am crying my eyes out!”

11. “Why do I bother giving my toddler snacks when he would rather eat a ball?”

12. “My daughter was furious that we wouldn’t let her keep a handful of coins in her mouth.”

13. “My son got some juice out of the pantry. He waddled over to me while carrying this and asking for help...”

14. “My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas.”

15. “My son said he was trying to throw the remote onto the TV stand...”

What’s the funniest thing your kid has ever done?

Preview photo credit GypsyCub / Reddit


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