15 Photos That Show Each Country Has Its Own Kind of “Pigeons”

3 years ago

They roam free through the parks, approaching anyone who has a small delicacy to share. Although an iguana has nothing to do with a pigeon, in the parks of Ecuador, they are the ones who eat the bread around the benches. Although it might seem difficult, these birds have some fierce competitors around that captivate visitors’ attention in some countries.

Here at Bright Side, we love to sit and read on a bench, and receive visits from charming animals, so we have prepared a little trip around the world.

1. That’s how loving deer are in Japan when a tourist gives them a cookie.

More than a thousand deer live free in Japan’s Nara Park. These charming animals are considered to be a national treasure and the Japanese protect them as such.

2. Dozens of monkeys will be thrilled if they know that you come bearing gifts for them in India.

These monkeys live among the locals and tourists in India. They love to be in a herd or wherever there is a large gathering of people. Despite the fact that sometimes this coexistence can be controversial, we cannot deny that they are funny animals.

3. If you are in Caracas, macaws will greet you at your window and maybe you’ll be able to teach them to say a word or 2.

Each day in Caracas begins with thousands of Blue and Gold Macaws leaving their nests and to fly over the city and make some visits to their neighbors’ windows. At nightfall they return to their refuge where they rest with their lifelong partner.

4. You can hang out with these adorable furry foxes in Shiroishi, Japan.

In Shiroishi, Japan, there’s a fluffy paradise called Miyagi Zao Fox Village. There, red foxes live free, waiting for visitors to look at them with a special smile. Traditional Japanese folklore depicts these animals as possessing paranormal abilities that increase with their age and wisdom.

5. In New Zealand, you’ll find many curious alpacas who want to know what brings you to these remote lands.

In New Zealand, you have the chance to cuddle with a baby alpaca on one of the farms that raises these cute animals in their vast meadows. Although these animals originated in South America, it seems that they have adapted very well to these distant islands.

6. Swimming pigs in the Bahamas will follow you on your boat trip if there is a reward.

No one knows for sure how these pigs ended up on this remote island in the Bahamas called Big Major Cay. The truth is that the only inhabitants of this paradise island are 60 pigs who love to swim in crystal clear waters.

7. A wallaby might visit you every morning in Australia.

This native Australian animal prefers to be in the fields and to eat fruits and herbs, but will not say no if offered a good breakfast every morning.

8. Even pigeons know their place in Ecuador: iguanas rule.

Iguanas are so prevalent in Ecuador, that they even have a park for them in the city of Guayaquil. There they enjoy sunbathing and allowing themselves to be photographed without blinking — not even when a pigeon lands on them.

9. You might find a baby raccoon in your garage one morning if you live in the USA.

This is a very sweet surprise that’ll probably only happen in the USA. Open your garage door and meet this furry little raccoon. These animals are native to North America and its name means “the one who takes everything into its hands” in the language of the Aztecs, so watch your lunch if there is one nearby.

10. ...Or in your aunt’s pool.

It seems that this situation has happened more than once, but if you are in North America and have a pool, you should be prepared to find a raccoon happily enjoying a bath... or maybe even using your floats.

11. You might come across a family of wild pigs if you are in Israel.

“Sorry teacher, a wild boar ate my homework.” If you are in Israel, this could sound convincing, as this is a true story that happened to a kid in Haifa months ago.

12. Cats will follow like you were the pied piper in Aoshima, Japan.

A colony of cats came to this little island in Japan to help humans control the rodent population and decided to create a huge colony there. For every one person living on Aoshima Island, there are 36 felines purring around.

13. A book and a bench in the park is only complete with a knee squirrel in Canada.

If you go into one of the many Canadian forests and sit down to read a book and eat some nuts, it will probably not be long before one of these agile little animals arrives and takes everything that fits in their cheeks back to their nest.

14. A coati might shyly approach you and ask you for a caress in Brazil.

The name coati comes from the indigenous languages of Brazil, and a large colony of these long nosed and tailed animals lives in this country. In its forests, they jump happily from tree to tree.

15. You can have a gathering of a possum, a skunk, and a raccoon together if there’s some yummy food available.

This is proof that friends are always welcome around a full table and these 3 animals that live in the forests of the United States are a good example. The important thing in these cases is not to anger or startle the skunk, otherwise it could give off a strong unpleasant smell that would ruin the whole banquet.

If you had to choose only one destination, which of these animals would you visit? Have you been able to greet any of these beauties up close? Tell us about your experience in the comments.


haha waking up and finding some parrots at my balcony.. that would be a perfect morning for me ?

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