15+ Photos That Show How Sweet Growing Old Together Can Be

4 years ago

Time flies — in the blink of an eye, your little adorable pet turns into a strong and sometimes sly animal. Needless to say, that friendship that develops from childhood to adulthood often grows into an even bigger friendship. And the characters of our compilation are well aware of what growing old together is like.

We at Bright Side were amazed at how strong the connection between animals can be and are eager to share some examples with you.

Love is about growing old together...

...and sharing smiles with each other.

...keeping old habits.

...and getting even closer day by day.

...sharing the same style.

...and hugging the same toy.

...spending 8 years of fun together.

...sharing tenderness.

... and growing strong.

It’s when you stay the same little puppy inside...

...or the same little kitten.

Sometimes one of you might grow more...

But you’ll always remain the same good friends no matter what.

Bonus: Growing up with owners can be fun too.

“My dog and I, 1998 and 2012”

3 years of friendship

“True love, 13 years later”

Do you have photos of your pets when they were little and their photos now? Please show us how much they (or even you) have changed over time.

Preview photo credit Luciphyr729 / reddit


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I like the last picture a lot ? I don't have any animals anymore from when I was a kid sadly..


I love watching pictures of pups and seeing how they look later, it's funny how they don't just get bigger, but sometimes their fur changes too


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