15 Photos That Show We All Have Breakdowns From Time to Time

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Life consists of ups and downs. Everyone can get exhausted or mad and feel like they have just one last drop of patience. If you fall asleep at work because of tiredness, it’s no big deal, but even during breakdowns, it’s important to save a sense of humor.

We at Bright Side hope you had enough sleep and rest today and are sharing 15 pictures that show it’s better to laugh at the situation, even if you’re too tired to do anything else.

1. “On a scale of 1 to ’almost brushed your teeth with a razor,’ how tired were you this morning?”

2. “I think my husband was tired this morning because that is dog food and not coffee beans.”

3. “This was posted at the 4-way stop in my town.”

4. “I came across this guy at Costco. Looks exhausted.”

5. “My kid’s stress toy made from a balloon and flour did not reduce stress.”

6. “Someone was hammered on the job.”

7. “Weddings are exhausting! Here’s a pic of my brother’s wife after everyone left the reception.”

8. “They couldn’t even put the jalapeño in correctly.”

9. “I stayed up late last night studying. Woke up so tired I wore 2 different shoes.”

10. “Refilled the hand sanitizer, boss.”

11. “This McDonald’s restaurant in the town where I’m staying only has 1 arch.”

12. “My sister’s puppy was so tired, she just fell asleep in her shoe.”

13. “I guess I’ll ride my bike upside down.”

14. “He wants to get on the bus. The bus on the TV.”

15. “My coworker fell at work today and then just gave up.”

How is your day going? How often do you have breakdowns?


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Me talking to my friends for the one arch at McDonalds: hey ladies lets go to NcDonald's, it's an N now no M anymore it's NcDonald's


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