15+ Pics Proving Animals Are Every Bit as Adorable and Weird as People

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Scientists are still unable to tell us how self-aware animals are. Much less whether they have anything like our conscious thoughts. We like to think of ourselves as unusual. Though, we often can’t help but agree that animals share some of our traits. Especially the ones that correspond with their main motto: seize and enjoy the moment.

We at Bright Side have found some fancy portrayals that reveal only the best in our little friends from around the globe.

1. “It’s hard to stay mad at her no matter how naughty she is.”

2. “Happiest haircut I’ve ever seen.”

3. “Take us to the beach, driver.”

4. “My dog dangling his feet like a small child.”

5. “My pup trying to figure out if he’s being mocked or if he’s receiving affection.”

6. “Radish Salad Pants having a post-daycare snooze.”

7. “Hobbes gives hugs.”

8. “Mom’s in the bath, pups are concerned.”

9. “Nice to see these mini libraries branching out.”

10. “Eh? Why did you stop preening?”

11. “Mommy look at me, I can swim on my back.”

12. “Bruce feeling mighty sus this morning.”

13. “Well she likes the fan I guess.”

14. “That moment you go out to attempt a dream shot and nail it.”

15. “My smiling dog”

16. “So happy and content.”

17. “Describe your cat in one picture.”

18. “We couldn’t find my baby’s pacifier. Turns out my friend’s baby found it.”

19. “Vet’s mew surgical assistant”

Have you noticed that some pets also have their own unique way of showing you their deep feelings and affection? What was the best way they used to please or make you happy? Please share with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ****-x-L3GEND / Reddit


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