15+ Pics That Made Us Wonder If Our Eyes Are Deceiving Us

year ago

Sometimes, on the internet, we stumble upon puzzling pics that won’t make much sense at first glance, and require a second look to reveal their true meaning. And some still don’t make much sense, but they allow us to gain a new perspective. Below, we put together a list of some of the most wonderfully bizarre photos, which will definitely have you looking twice. Or maybe thrice!

1. “The elf that made this must have been tired.”

2. “This kid’s toy, honestly dumbfounded”

3. “A frozen driveway and road”

4. “A pan I got for Christmas came with a full size screwdriver for assembly of the handle! There was only one screw.”

5. “This can of artichoke hearts has a lid under the lid.”

6. “This transparent leaf my dad found.”

7. “My almost seedless golden kiwi.”

8. “One of my crab legs didn’t develop.”

9. “This monstrous tomato that looks like a Frankenstein blob fish.”

10. “My little cousin got this ’doll’ as a present.”

11. “I forgot to add salt to the boiling water. This egg cracked and the white and yellow seeped out. I’m calling her Lucretia Mac Ovo.”

12. “Winds were so strong that they bent a house.”

13. “Stepping on it at night is my phobia.”

14. “This cat staring at its belly”

15. “This little owl sitting next to an owl planter in our backyard.”

16. “The ice on my window looks like a spider web.”

Do you happen to have a pic in the spirit of this list? If you do, we’d be thrilled to take a look at it in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Chief_James592 / Reddit


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