15 Pics That Show Ordinary Things From a Whole New Perspective

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Every once in a while, something crosses our path that completely shifts the way we see things. Like, for example, finding out about the existence of 10 trillion dollar bills. These discoveries keep life exciting and our view of the world fresh. Luckily, the Internet provides us with an endless stream of surprises.

Bright Side collected a few pics with the power to make your jaw drop instantly.

1. Only the door is real here.

2. “A tiny octopus I found inside a seashell”

3. “My able-bodied wife found herself in a fencing tournament with a wheelchair-restricted opponent.”

4. “My 10-trillion-dollar Zimbabwe banknote that I use as a bookmark”

5. “What blood looks like with the red blood cells removed”

6. “Got this abnormally thick Dorito in an otherwise normal packet.”

7. “Got a 100-year-old painting cleaned earlier this year.”

8. “2 blokes are throwing down all the balls stuck on the roof at my kids’ school.”

9. “My rotting pumpkin actually looks old and senile. When I first carved it, it was smiling and had teeth.”

10. “The way the queen ages through these old to new coins of mine”

11. “The way they put the heating elements in a car seat”

12. “My glass measuring cup melted in the microwave.”

13. “A hard, very thick beard hair I just pulled out of my face, next to an average beard hair”

14. “A balloon I accidentally shut in my car door didn’t pop.”

15. “This KFC in Japan has Colonel Sanders dressed in samurai attire.”

What’s the most mind-blowing thing you’ve learned about recently? Send some of your precious knowledge our way!

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