15 Pictures That Belong in a Museum of Confusion

year ago

Studies have shown that there is no correct perspective when it comes to pictures. Because of this, plenty of pictures come out looking weird the first time you look at them. Adjust your eyes and you will find an explanation for why there might be 2 sets of hands in a picture. And who doesn’t love a bit of an eye exercise?

It took us a while here at Bright Side to figure out what was really going on in these pictures, so we suggest putting on an extra pair of glasses before diving in.

1. “Carrot man”

2. This dog can hear sounds 2 streets away.

3. “People in a yellow pool”

4. A dog or a person’s head?

5. “I think I found my seat!”

6. “It’s just a cow on a cow.”

7. “No-headed dog”

8. These pants on gravel

9. “Lost in the mirror”

10. Now that’s what you call a close-up.

11. “This lovely kitten with 2 heads”

12. “A picture of a pool, underwater, during rain, upside down.”

13. A dog’s head or bottom?

14. A dog with a beard

15. “A long sea lion checking his emails”

Did any of the pictures in this compilation leave you confused? Do you have any more pictures to share?


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