15 Security Woes That Can Go Away Thanks to These Products

9 months ago

How many times have you gone back home to check if you’ve locked the door? This is one of the many security concerns we all have from time to time and while it’s difficult to get rid of them, there are ways to help tone your anxiety down. That’s why we did a thorough research and found 15 products that will give you a peace of mind while you’re at home or travelling.

1. An escape ramp for pools that can save so many animals that get drowned in the water. It’s very easy to inflate, assemble and set up in your pool. You just need a few rocks to secure it. It’s non-corrosive and has resistance against UV rays.

You will start noticing that critters like frogs, bees, lizards, snakes, squirrels and mice will start using it to climb out of the water. The fabric of the ramp increases its longevity and the item itself has been tested by wildlife biologists.

Promising review:

  • Admittedly, I was a little skeptical of these floating escape routes. I mean, are rodents and frogs actually capable of knowing what to do with them and how to save themselves? But the floats do actually work great! We were finding at least 1 dead mouse and several dead frogs in the pool every couple of days, and I was tired of and grossed out by having to scoop them out when all I wanted to do was get in and swim.
    I’ve had 2 floats in the pool for over a month now and have found just 1 tiny dead frog since dropping them in. Be aware that the floats don’t come with weights. So, if you’ve got kids, you’ve probably got a ton of rocks around your house in random places, and they work just fine to weigh the Velcro bags down on the pool deck. @mamamoose

2. A hidden camera detector that scans places for unwanted spy software. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it can detect GPS location trackers, wireless pinhole cameras, cable cameras, and electrical radiation sources. It is effective within a range of 15 square meters.

It changes colors as you get closer to the spy source and has a vibration and sound mode to help you recognize the spot easier. If it’s fully charged, it can be used for a total of 30 hours non-stop.

Promising review:

  • This GPS detection is pretty compact, and it can pick up a few different signals. I’m mainly using it when we stay at Airbnbs. I want to scan the place for any hidden cameras and trackers.
    The sensor can be tuned using the dial. This way it is sensitive enough to pick up the signal, but just tolerant enough to filter out the noise. There’s also a lens that helps you spot hidden cameras. I tried it out on my camera, and I was able to spot them. Overall a good value for what it can do. @DivideByZero

3. A smart door knob that is activated using your fingerprint. You can set the door knob to recognize as many fingerprints as you wish. You can also control it through the designated app, and it also offers keys you can use in an emergency.

You can install the door knob easily and quite quickly using just a screwdriver. It fits most of US-type doors. The package comes with detailed instructions and video tutorial, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.

Promising review:

  • I really enjoyed the smart door knob. I have one with my wife’s fingerprint and my fingerprint granting access into our bedroom now that may seem like a weird used case, but we have a new baby daughter, and she sleeps with the baby. So when she locks the door because we have other people in the house and I want to come in, I have to wake up the baby by knocking on the door for her to get up and open it.
    This has been a total game changer. Additionally, in the backyard. I have another door knob for my shed the same one I would really, really love to be able to try the deadbolt or the front door deadbolt handle version. @John from the Zon — The Amazon Rainforest Review

4. A child-proof door lock that keeps babies and small children from opening doors while keeping intruders out. The lock has a button that opens it but is not easily visible by kids. That is because it has a decoy button that diverts children’s attention.

When not in use, simply push the lever lock arm down until the yellow deactivation indicator appears. It does not require any tools, and you can install the lever lock is seconds. You just put some strong adhesive tape at the back, and it’s ready to be used.

Promising review:

  • I had to replace the first Safety 1st Door Lever Lock I installed a little over a year ago. Not because the first one was bad, but because it was so good! Our little grandson could not get out of our townhouse — I mean absolutely could not manipulate the lock to escape. That was what we wanted. But a few days ago, my husband and I locked it accidentally as we left the house, and we could NOT get back in.
    Even our two burly maintenance men couldn’t find a way to open the door from the outside without completely destroying the door. So, this lock actually serves a dual purpose: keep child in, keep intruders out! @Literate Bee

5. A door security bar that jams the entrance and doesn’t let anyone get in. You can adjust the bar to fit the height of your door. The bar is made of high quality materials and can endure up to 400 pounds of force. It weighs just 2.2 pounds, so you can carry it anywhere with you.

In order to set it up, you first adjust the length of the bar. Then, you place the Y-shaped top under the door handle and make sure that the bottom rubber part is fully touching the ground. You should make sure that there are no gaps, and you’re good to go.

Promising review:

  • The product is able to keep my apartment’s front door closed, even if the door is unlocked. With increasing break-ins and all, I purchased this product, and I am very satisfied with the extra protection! @jun

6. A personal safety alarm for women that can be placed with your keys. It features a very loud siren and also blinding LED light. It can keep going off for 100 minutes straight until the designated pin is inserted. It is very easy to use by anyone no matter their age.

This tag has been tested extensively for its durability and high resistance. It can be kept with your keys or hung on your backpack, belt loops and dog collar. In order to turn it on, you need to separate the pull-tab from the alarm’s main body.

Promising review:

  • Purchased this for my daughter that went off to college and lives on campus. When we tested it, it was loud and easy to use. Allows for us to be more comfortable with her being away and on her own. Everyone on a college campus should have one. @rachelle

7. An electronic deadbolt door lock with a keypad that also gives you the ability to have regular keys. Its design is very robust, and its battery will probably last you 3 full years. The lever of the lock can be turned depending on which hand you are using more.

You can customize the settings so that you have 30 different pass codes. You can also turn on the auto lock, which means that every time you use the door, it locks automatically, and it requires the pass code or key to be reopened.

Promising review:

  • I wanted one for my storage building, so I didn’t have to take a key with me all the time ’cause I don’t use it every day. And if it works good, and I like it, I plan to put one on my garage and house doors. The reason I decided on this lock was I know from past experience Kwickset makes good quality locks.
    I also liked the idea of being able to easily rekey the locks, so I can use one key for all the locks. I removed the old lock and installed the Kwickset lock probably 20 minutes or so. It was easy to program. I just installed one code for basic operation. It seems to be well-made, and good quality. Highly recommended. @some guy

8. A light bulb-shaped security camera for both indoors and outdoors. It offers full color and night vision, while being very easy to install. Even in the dark, it can offer good vision within 30 feet. You just need to download the necessary app on your phone in order to keep monitoring it.

The camera can detect things in a super large range of 355° and 17 feet. Whenever needed, the camera will alarm you about the possible dangers. You can also activate the talking abilities of the camera and talk to someone who is on your front porch while you’re away.

Promising review:

  • I think the offering that Laview is putting out is mastering all of the simple aspects of a good camera system as cheaply as possible. On a whim bought this due to a deal without diving into hours of third-party review. Laview mobile application: IOS/Android
    -Simple to navigate, all the right features, easy to learn, and probably the easiest time I’ve ever had connecting a wireless device to a mobile application.
    -Downloaded BlueStacks Android Emulator (Free) for Windows to run the application on my PC as well as my iPhone.
    -Automation: Super surprised by the out-of-box features of this application, looks like you can do a lot of Camera feature scheduling here. (IE: Turn on motion detection at a given time) @Breanna

9. A door stop alarm you can use at home but also conveniently carry on trips with you. This cool tool fits between the door and the gap under it, which can be between 0.6’’ and 1.2’’. It makes it very hard for unwanted visitors to slide in unnoticed.

Even if someone manages to slide the door open, the door stop’s alarm will go off at 120db and not only scare them away but also notify you and your neighbors. Every door stop is battery-operated and one battery usually lasts one full year.

Promising review:

  • I travel a lot and often alone. Sleeping in a hotel room alone often brings me some degrees of anxiety. This product allows me to sleep through the night worry-free. It really does stop the door from opening.
    If you have it close to the edge, between this and other locks on the door, it would be very difficult to get in the door. Not to mention the alarm. You do have the option of turning the alarm off.
    It’s small enough to be carried around. Without batteries, it’s extremely light. I could carry one in my purse without feeling the extra weight. @BengalK

10. A mini fire suppressor you can keep in your car or in your kitchen and fireplace. It helps so that small accidents don’t turn into bigger ones. You can just keep in your backpack or save it in different spots around the house.

This spray is specially developed to stop a fire without leaving any residue or causing a mess. You just wipe the spot to clean up the area after a fire accident. It is non-toxic and biodegradable and therefore super-safe without causing you irritations or other problems.

Promising review:

  • I saw the video and have had fires in our kitchen a few times in my life and for such a reasonable price to be able to have the little can handy right on the counter by the stove and one by my fireplace is so comforting to me. No worries about how it works it’s so easy. Watch the video. Great peace of mind is worth the little money you’ll spend! @BARBIE Novinger

11. A keyless smart lock you can connect to Wi-Fi and control it remotely from your phone. It can support up to 250 access codes, and you can even control it with your voice through Alexa and Google Home. It will alert you if it detects any unusual activity.

You can set a duration for your door to lock automatically after entry or exit. You can easily install by yourself using just a screwdriver. It fits doors that are between 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″ thick.

Promising review:

  • I picked the Kwikset because of its ability for you to rekey their locks by yourself. I have always had Kwikset since I built my house and loved that the few locks I have replaced over the years I can just rekey and no worries about making new keys for everyone. So the Kwikset Halo is very easy to install. In fairness, I already had a deadbolt I was replacing, so I did not have to measure and drill new holes for the lock to be installed.
    Installation took me about 25 minutes taking my time and double-checking every step. Set up of Smart lock feature, connecting in to Wi-Fi, completing firmware update and setting up app/account was about half that time. @Mr Mailman

12. A carbon monoxide detector that is so small you can take anywhere with you. You just plug it in and let it do its job. When it detects the dangerous gas, the sound alarm goes off at 85db, while also having a light alarm in case you can’t hear.

When the carbon monoxide concentration is 50PPM the alarm is turned on within 60–90 minutes and when the concentration is at 100PPM the alarm goes off within 10–40 minutes. The screen of the detector shows you the measurements in order to have a clear picture of the situation.

Promising review:

  • This is a good uncomplicated simple design carbon monoxide alarm. Plug it in directly to an outlet. It is compact enough to use in hotel rooms on trips. My previous alarms had batteries and wires and were bulky box shaped clunkers. This alarm is not. @rb

13. A window security lock that is made entirely from aluminum and is designed mainly for sliding windows. It fits up to 1/8 inch thick rails, and it features a screw you can turn in order to secure the lock. It is very easy to install without much expertise.

You don’t need any special tools to install this lock. However, this should not be used as a main lock, but as a secondary solution. Some people even carry these to hotels with them in order to feel more secure.

Promising review:

  • Everyone should have these on storm windows for extra security. Lost power and was locked out. My 26-year-old nephew was there and saved the day. Scared me in the process.
    He literally drilled a hole thru the aluminum and used a smaller bit to unlock the window. Had these locks ordered that day! @Ralph Smith

14. Sandless water barriers you can place behind your doors in cases of floods. They contain super absorbent polymer that swells on contact with water to form a solid, heavy barrier. The barrier can get up to 3.5″ high when filled with water.

Even if you are away from home, you can rest assured that the barriers will hold the water until it is fully evaporated. It can take many months until the water naturally evaporates. So, it makes sense that you protect your home against floods by using these easy-to-install tools.

Promising review:

  • I have a welled exit door that leads up from the basement to the backyard. During torrential rainstorms (we had back to back hurricanes a few years ago), I had seepage from the door leaking into the basement. Before I spend hundreds or thousands to fix the issue, the sandless sandbags are a perfect solution.
    Neatly fit them by the door, any excess water will not reach your basement. Excellent cost-effective way to manage through the rainy season. @Baseball Gardener

15. An oven lock for additional child safety around the house that can be used on more things than just ovens. You don’t need a drill to install this, since it only uses a powerful 3M tape. It stays put for 72 hours and can be removed without harming the surface it was used on.

The 180o revolving design allows you to lock and unlock your desired item whenever you want. It is made of heat-resistant materials, which makes it ideal for placing on your oven. Also, the minimal design makes it blend in with many different home styles.

Promising review:

  • My wife is skeptical as to whether a child’s small enough to need safety locks on everything would really be able to reach ask the way up to the handlebar to open our oven, or have the strength to pry it open from the sides. And ours is just an electric oven, so you’d think it’s only really a hazard when it’s on, at which time the door should be kind of uncomfortably warm anyway.
    But maybe if you have a gas oven you’ll be more concerned (although one would hope it would have a valve that refuses to release any gas until the igniter is hot enough to ignite it, at which point you’re not far from the oven being running). But I will not be underestimating a small child’s ability to get into trouble, so I installed it.
    It’s easy to install (clean the surface, peel off the tape, and stick) and easy to use single-handed (squeeze the two buttons on either side and rotate 90 degrees). Seems sturdy enough too. So unless it falls off (and I do wonder if the smooth metal surface of an oven might be more prone to that than, say, the porous wood of a typical cabinet door) then I have to say I’m not finding anything here to criticize. @Picocosm

While security is always one of the most important things for people, what is also important is items for parents whose kids are going back to school. Or maybe you just want to buy something that you never even knew you wanted.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.

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