15+ Situations That Made People Feel Like They Stepped Into a Parallel Universe

2 years ago

Sometimes the universe selects us among millions to see an otherworldly sight. However, in the face of these types of surreal and rare situations, our reactions may drastically differ. Some might feel amused and respond with a wave of laughter. Others might feel unsettled and get agitated by the awkwardness of it all. However, we can always consider it lucky to witness the absurdities of life and people, because they make the best stories to tell in the future.

Bright Side can’t get enough of situations that add a good dose of eccentricity to our day. We’ll share some photos that will confuse you at first, but then shower you with all kinds of interesting feelings.

1. ’’Camel toe heels.’’

2. Interesting choice

3. ’’He was sitting and eating McDonald’s while catching Pokémon in the middle of the airport.’’

4. An interesting couple

5. ’’Found this pointy balcony.’’

6. ’’This Limo Jet I saw’’

7. ’’I saw a superhero on the way to work.’’

8. ’’An interesting house being built in my hometown in Bulgaria’’

9. ’’I saw this gentleman at the Apple store.’’

10. ’’My client’s toilet art piece.’’

11. ’’Saw this car the other day.’’

12. ’’My aunt sat close to this person on an airplane.’’

13. ’’Clock in my school’s band practice room.’’

14. ’’I need an explanation.’’

15. The cow house

16. ’’Went to see Monument Valley. The view was amazing.’’

When was the last time you felt completely surprised by a sight or a person? What is your way of standing out and being unique?

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