15 Situations You Don’t Want to Be In

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Sometimes it takes so little for our day to be ruined. However, we should remember that even the worst of days will eventually come to an end, and most of the time, we can look back at them and have a nice chuckle. And no matter how bad it seems now, there’s always someone who’s got it worse than us. So scroll through these pics and consider thanking the Universe later that these unfortunate events didn’t happen to you.

1. “I moved into a new office this week. My floor has a nice communal kitchen. I found this in the fridge that ’gets cleaned out every Friday.’”

2. “My gardener didn’t clean the herbicide off their boots before walking on lawn.”

3. “A chocolate covered cashew that I mistook for my other earbud.”

4. “Falling asleep on silk sheets with a new tattoo.”

5. “One of my toddler’s new socks has the grippy stuff on the wrong side.”

6. “My burger bun has the expiration date printed on it.”

7. “Why can’t I start a new roll in peace?!”

8. “I misread the package as 350 minutes instead of degrees.”

9. “In my defense, I have never used a strainer before.”

10. “I came from work to see my girlfriend has updated our letter board.”

11. “My dog got the zoomies... He likes to run to his bed and back. He went a little too hard this time. Dog is fine, but the wall is not.”

12. “I paid extra to book a window seat.”

13. “The large ‘movie-theater-sized’ box of M&M’s just has a regular, normal sized bag inside. And it cost $4.75.”

14. “Multi-adapter plug, when you plug something in, the switch turns off.”

15. “My 2-year-old threw the remote at the TV today.”

Feel free to tell us about your funny accidents in the comments below.

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My nearly 2yr old loves to throw and play catch. I would not have my tv placed so low to the floor. Its at risk at normal height.


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