20 Sweet Pics That Feel Like a Very Long Hug

year ago

Sometimes we forget how beautiful the world is, and all we need is a little pick me up. And if you’re chained to your work desk right now and can’t exactly take a stroll outside and find a cute puppy to pet, don’t worry. The pictures on this list will surely put a smile on your face and remind you that the world is round and beautiful.

1. “I met this 4-day-old baby yesterday.”

2. “My Rottweiler really missed my brother.”

3. “She wouldn’t fall asleep till I held her hand.”

4. “Woke him up and asked him to move over. This is the face I got.”

5. “She is very tiny, but she is still the bestest good girl.”

6. “My conure always kisses my cat.”

7. “It’s just a good puppy meeting her big brother for the first time.”

8. “Mr Chips and I are settling into middle age comfortably.”

9. “The best passenger anyone can ask for”

10. “I saw this dude in my driveway. After 8 hours, the mom never collected him so I took him in and have been doing feedings every 2 hours.”

11. “My wife and son’s faces when they finally met”

12. “My dad high-fiving a cat”

13. “Hazel was comforting her little sister at the vet today.”

14. “There’s nothing like the soothing feeling of a wonderful furry baby.”

15. “Our daughter actually helping out this Christmas!”

16. “Jack loves head scratches.”

17. “Red pet squirrel taking a nap.”

18. “My 3-year-old son got this gift from his doctor. He says, ’Oh, I LOVE MY PIKACHU!’ ”

19. “They are both quiet for the moment.”

20. “They are already best buds, they even have matching outfits!”

Do you have a picture you look at every time your feel stressed that has a soothing effect on you? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Cody95743 / Reddit


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