15 Things That Prove the Secret to Ingenuity Is Simplicity

2 years ago

Ingenuity doesn’t have to be linked to creating a new rocket ship or inventing the light bulb. Simply switching your perspective and going the extra mile to provide solutions to everyday problems can sometimes become the epitome of creativity.

At Bright Side, we went on a hunt to find stories from people who share ingenious things to make your day.

1. This spatula, with a bunch of useful conversions on it

2. “My sink has a light that changes depending on the temperature.”

3. A cake vending machine at my local mall

4. “My hotel room in Saudi Arabia has the direction of pointing to Mecca on the ceiling for prayers.”

5. “My inhaler includes a counter showing the number of doses remaining.”

6. “My frying pan changes color when it heats up on the stove.”

7. This rechargeable lighter uses an electrical arc instead of a flame.

8. “This urine chart in my work restroom, despite not working in a health field”

9. Bus stop bell plus USB ports on the back of a bus seat

10. In addition to a food tray, this plane has a phone tray.

11. “My daughter made this The Office-themed Guess Who for my son as a DIY Christmas present a few years ago.”

12. This art made out of waste electrical wires

13. “This hike has a selfie station at the lookout point.”

14. This ramen restaurant offers hair elastics so you don’t dip your hair in your food.

15. This bathroom has an eyeglass shelf you can use while you wash your face.

Which of these ingenious things did you find the most fascinating? We would love to feature your stories filled with creative images.

Preview photo credit bsancar/ Reddit


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