15+ Things You Don’t See Every Day

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Every day, we are surrounded by things that we may or may not catch a glimpse of. But once we do, it’s a whole phenomenon in front of our eyes. These Reddit users were lucky enough to snap photos of what they found unique, and we couldn’t be more allured.

1. A rare optic phenomenon

2. “I grew a perfectly square salt crystal.”

3. “The remains of this hammer stuck in asphalt”

4. “This mega grape”

5. “We found neighboring houses with the same colors as our jackets.”

6. “Half of our birch is green and half-yellow.”

7. “A 5-leaf clover I found today”

8. “This randomly illuminated patch of street”

9. “Both my son and I had a mole appear in the same place on our left hands.”

10. “The insane amount of pepperoni on my normal $5 Hot and Ready Little Caesars pizza.”

11. “3-inch golden lily shoes for an adult woman with bound feet next to my shoes”

12. “An elderly customer came in today with a McDonald’s VIP card.”

13. “As my father gets older, he has started to wash paper plates and reuse them.”

14. “Spotted a squirrel with unusual coloring!”

15. “This unusually long mini M&M I found”

16. “My pot fell and it made a hole at the bottom.”

Have you ever caught something interesting with your camera? Share it with us in the comments!


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The squirrel is absolutely adorable. I've never seen coloring like that one in my 40+ years and it's fantastic! I'd love to see it in person.


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