15+ Times Nature Decided to Pay Us a Visit

2 years ago

When you sit at home or at the office, feeling sad and like you’re losing contact with nature, don’t worry, it will probably find a way to reconnect with you soon. A bird making a nest in your planter, a bear posing for a photo — nature will knock on your door in the most unexpected ways.

Bright Side gathered 17 photos of people who had an unexpected encounter with nature, and some of them came out with a new friend.

1. “My father-in-law invented this hummingbird helmet. He calls the feeder in the back ’the tickler.’”

2. “I’m volunteering in a bear refuge in Croatia, and I felt like sharing this photo of a chillaxing lad with you guys.”

3. “My grandpa rescued this parrot and she comes back every year to visit him. Yesterday she visited again.”

4. “A black racer found a comfy home in my hanging plant. That nope rope is kinda cute.”

5. “I made a bird friend yesterday.”

6. “Bought a heated cat house for this stray I look after. Wondered why he wasn’t using it. Figured out why tonight.”

7. “A very weird cat came into my yard.”

8. “I found this on the porch today. Am I a godparent now?”

9. “Frog in the frog chair!”

10. “In the shade of the potato plants”

11. “Let’s give a hand to our pollinators.”

12. “An owl spent the whole day in our garden, staring at our window.”

13. “She got fat on my parsley, then cocooned on my sage. My kids named her Parsley Sage, and she hatched today!”

14. “Saw this really buff squirrel walking around town today.”

15. “Some unexpected garden pests this morning”

16. “A baby snake I found in the backyard”

17. “My name is Sam Glenn-Smith, and I’m the self-professed blue-ringed octopus whisperer.”

What’s your story of nature reaching out to you? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit ZekouCafe / reddit


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when I was a little girl, I saw a little bird that just stood on a door step, not moving. I thought he was too scared to move and I was worried that he might get hurt. So he allowed me to pick him up and put him on the ground


when I was a little girl, I saw a little bird just stand on the front step of a shop. I thought he was too scared to move and I was worried that he may get hurt.so he allowed me to pick me up and remove from the front step


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