15+ Times People Found Something So Out of the Box, It’s Hard to Believe It Actually Exists

11 months ago

Things in life can appear to be impossible and surreal, but these occurrences are one in a million. We don’t see them every day, and when explaining them to someone, they may doubt you unless you show them. Their reaction is just what you’d imagine for someone who just discovered an odd thing.

1. “The wind and the sunset made my hair appear on fire.”

2. “Looks like a house on top of this building.”

3. “Ice buildup from my thermos I left outside in the cold”

4. “A whale skull on the beach”

5. “This mailbox looks like a fishing lure.”

6. “This Japanese restaurant has a waxwork samurai in the urinals.”

7. “A horn shark’s egg case”

8. “The zip on my new lunch bag is a tiny spoon.”

9. “I found the entrance to underground slug raves in my neighborhood.”

10. “Found a rock that looks like a pointing hand on my walk.”

11. “This unopened mushroom-growing kit is already growing mushrooms.”

12. “The color difference between where this aloe did/did not receive sunlight”

13. “Human-sized ducks made of snow”

14. Looks like a pair of short leggings.

15. It looks like it’s really part of the design — smooth, melting snow.

16. “I found a stick that looks like a crab claw.”

17. A conjoined large strawberry

18. “A carrot boot that’s in style”

19. This pepper grew 2 small peppers inside.

Preview photo credit QbiinZ/Reddit


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