15+ Times People Found Something Special When They Least Expected It

3 years ago

We often come across something unique when we’re not looking for it. Even if it comes in the form of a tiny hummingbird feather, a perfectly shaped shark tooth, or a long lost and forgotten pendant, there’s beauty in these things that can’t be compared to anything else.

People shared their unique discoveries on the Internet and we at Bright Side want to share them with all of you.

1. “This old pendant I discovered while metal detecting on my great grandparents’ farm a few years back”

2. “I found a hummingbird feather for the first time!”

3. A new world in a bottle found in the woods

4. “I found a megalodon tooth today.”

5. “This round sea glass that I found at the beach”

6. “This tree trunk resembling a monkey face”

7. “I found a seashell in my compost. I live in PA, a landlocked state.”

8. “I found the balancing boulders present on Zimbabwe’s $1,000 bill.”

9. “Eggs in the cabana bathroom door lock”

10. “I found this balloon in my yard. Almost cried after reading it. I’m sure your dad is proud of you.”

“Dear Papa, I love and miss you. This past birthday wasn’t the same without getting your call to wish me a happy birthday. Staying strong and working hard to make you proud.”

11. “This happened when I went to spread margarine on my toast.”

12. “I found a second lid under the first one.”

13. “A shark tooth that’s been eroded so much, it’s now incredibly smooth.”

14. “An albino spider that I found on my leg”

15. This hollowed log looks like an endless hole.

16. A half-green, half-red grape

17. “An old earing I dug up...”

18. “A spider lily I discovered has finally bloomed!”

Have you ever found something that’s special to you? Can you share your finding with us?

Preview photo credit isaytyler / reddit


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That albino spider is cute. However, if it was on my foot, I don't think I would be able to take a picture of it hahah


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