15 Times People Put Their Heart and Soul Into Their Work

2 years ago

Designers and marketers always have a job to do, but while some are working just to earn money, other experts think that their clients’ comfort is the most important thing. And clients’ happiness pays off: well-thought-out designs and services appear on the internet right away and get the likes they deserve. Just look at the swings for adults or a lock that can also be used as a shelf. Only a true genius could create such things.

We at Bright Side spend hours every day surfing the internet and looking for the best examples of quality service. Here is a new compilation.

1. This swing that lets parents swing instead of pushing their kid

2. This toilet lock that doubles as a tray, so you can’t leave without taking your stuff

3. Our local newspaper has a full page of cats you can use for wrapping paper

4. This store in Japan automatically calculates your total when you place your basket in the area by using the RFID tags on the products.

5. “The toilet at my work has a wall of strongly-scented wood that replaces air fresheners.”

6. There are springs on the bottoms of parking signs so that when cars run into them, they don’t break.

7. This toaster has a button to cook your toast “a bit more.”

8. These public swing-powered chargers for your phone at a train station

9. “My school has racks in the front office for kids to put their skateboards on during the day.”

10. In this cafe, you can eat and have coffee while doing your laundry.

11. “My local library now has a public recording studio, a 3D printer, a vinyl press, a laser cutter, and a heat press. They are all free to use.”

12. This grocery store has an aisle that is specifically used for reuniting with lost spouses.

13. Trying on glasses using augmented reality

14. A door handle with UV-light that kills germs

15. This hotel is able to make all their clients happy.

What convenient things and services would you like to have?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit AngryDozer / Pikabu


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