15 Times People Realized That Luck Is a Capricious Thing

year ago

Many of us have come across random events during our day that make us think we’re either the luckiest person in the world or that we have horrible luck. But a lot of these coincidences just have to do with psychology — research says these events have more to do with your positive attitude rather than just mere chance. So, the next time you think you’re lucky, you might just be more open to new opportunities in life.

For these people that Bright Side came across, fate swings both ways and either made their day or made them groan internally.

1. “Lost my wedding ring a month ago, bought a new one today. Also, today...”

2. “Company sent mismatched pieces of my new couch today. They don’t make the couch anymore.”

3. “Was practicing my frisbee golf drives and this happened.”

4. “Lightning struck a vent and traveled up into a toilet during a thunderstorm.”

5. “I captured this shot of a sandhill crane at the exact moment it was perpendicular to me, so you can see straight through its nostrils.”

6. “Why did my watch stop? Oh.”

7. “Our family photo taken with a disposable camera on July 4th, 2001 in Bishop, CA. We’ll never get a better Christmas card.”

8. “A bee flew toward the camera at the exact moment we took a picture.”

9. “Thought I ordered 5 bananas.”

10. “My drone got stuck up in a tree, then fell down and broke, but at least I got a cool picture.”

11. “I was less than half a mile away from home...”

12. “Someone stole my bike but left my helmet behind...”

13. “My mother took a hair cutting course 9 years ago. With just little practice, she confidently lured my brother in for a haircut.”

14. “Broke my leg by standing too fast and falling onto myself.”

15. “I’ll never kick a ball higher in my life.”

Has something ever happened to you that made you believe in luck? Share it with us.

Preview photo credit StillwaterLodge / Reddit


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