15+ Times People Were Just in Time to Snap a Good Pic

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One of the most well-known photos was taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson back in 1930. Thanks to the photographer, the moment when the man jumps and almost crosses to the other side of the puddle (but not quite) froze in time. And just like the famous photographer of the last century, our heroes managed to catch a fleeting moment brilliantly.

We at Bright Side decided to bring the luckiest pics that internet users shared to this compilation.

1. “My daughter the morning after a little too much candy at Grandma’s house.”

2. “This was when I decided to name the new kitten Cheeseburger.”

3. “Accidentally took a picture of my sister-in-law and father-in-law at the exact moment someone’s flash was halfway through my picture.”

4. “Caught Mama’s goofy smile.”

5. “Bought my boy this toy — the pic sums it up.”

6. “Took a snooze through a rain storm and created a rain angel (’raingel’).”

7. “I left the shutter open to take a pic every 10 seconds in my Midwest backyard. Lightning bugs!”

8. “My cat is patiently waiting for dinner.”

9. The moment someone’s life became that much more interesting.

10. “A squirrel taunting my cat, so close yet so far.”

11. “Flying kayak”

12. “My puppy Boots when she fell asleep in her food dish”

13. “Giving a new definition to ’standing desk.’”

14. “She heard a fly.”

15. “The roof in my apartment collapsed due to rain, but the latex paint caught the drywall.”

16. “My cat potty-trained himself.”

Have you ever taken lucky photos of rare moments? What was the story behind those shots?

Preview photo credit cringle3000 / Reddit


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