27 People Who Just Can’t Live Without Humor

2 years ago

Did you know that laughter can help you to lose weight? But to achieve such results, you need to laugh regularly. The selected jokes from these true geniuses of sarcasm will undoubtedly support you in your weight-loss endeavors.

Bright Side has put together some hilarious examples of how nasty behavior and sharp remarks can turn out to be very funny. Enjoy!

“Wife and I visited the Grand Canyon. Her mother is a worry-wart and told us to be careful, so she sent her this.”

“My friend asked for a bite of my burrito... That’s what I got back.”


So true...

“I checked...”

A souvenir for the worst driver ever.

A cruel comment.

“My mother’s response.”

A failed prank.

Mother strikes back.

My mom made us these socks on Christmas.

“I’m sick of my brother’s babbling, so I decided to shut his mouth.”

Some real drama in just four sentences.

“Boss told me to make an ethernet cable today. He didn’t specify the length.”

How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day?

This comment deserves an Oscar.

Somebody didn’t understand the nature of the game.

When a comment is more hilarious than the joke.

“They asked me if I wanted cheese on my to-go salad...”

“My brother is a jerk.”

“In 2011 I got stuck in a tree. Instead of helping me, my mom took this picture.”

“My six-year-old son pointed out that when you hold a Clif Bar upside down, it looks like ’the last moment of that guy’s life”."

“While waiting for my blood test I asked for some water. She gave it to me in this.”

“Replaced my little sister’s graduation photo with one of the supreme leaders 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn’t noticed.”

“My friend posted this on a Facebook live feed. Scared the shit out of me at first.”

“My girlfriend’s obsession with cheesy inspirational signs inspired me to make my own un-inspirational signs.”

The bathroom door says, “men” from the outside but from the inside it says, “women” spelled backwards so you think you’re in the wrong bathroom.

Have you ever met these kinds of jerks in your life? Share your stories in the comments below.

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